Top 5 Marketing Case Studies from Around the Web

Marketing case studies are like personalized stories of success or failure with some interesting or unexpected results.

Get inspired and write on marketing cases today!

Writing on marketing case studies has always been appealing to me since they are like personalized stories of success or failure with some interesting or unexpected results. When there are numerous examples already available on the web, it’s not an easy task to just pick the best 5 out of them that are not only interesting but also give some insight on how to deal with unexpected outcomes.

In my opinion, a well-written case study is based on real facts and figures away from vague abstractions to give you more to learn. And most importantly, each case study should be unique not just like standard tips and tricks posts which you can find everywhere on the net.

Writing about marketing cases

5 marketing cases that proved to be worthy of discussion

If you haven’t written about this topic before, I encourage you to try for once! Think about a specific strategy that you recently implemented and got one of the results – either you overcome it really well or flopped completely. Then you can share your thoughts on why it worked or didn’t work.

Alternatively, you can write a case study from the outside – like we hear a lot about the success or failure of other businesses on the web. Here, an outsider’s perspective on the reasons is just as valuable as insider analysis.

To get you inspired, I’ve chosen 5 marketing cases that proved to be worthy of discussion:

Case Study #1: Halo Effect of Social Media over Organic Search

Have you ever wondered how much social media can influence people’s minds? Yes, a single tweet even without a link can boost a business by leaps and bounds. This happened when the famous American Singer Salena Gomez mentioned about Level Ten Design on Twitter. That tweet was not only retweeted for over a million times, but their website also got a huge boost in organic traffic and keyword searches. They called it a halo effect of social media on the brand.

Social media halo effect

Case Study #2: 700+Free Leads with 64% Conversion Rate

Every business owner desires for leads and high conversion rates. But this can only be possible by implementing the right SEO strategy and grabbing the attention of their visitors. Viper Chill from Glen Allsop shared his experience of how he managed to boost the conversion rate by 64% by offering a free e-book for his visitors. The main catch of his optimization strategy was that he offered the people to Tweet or share the link on their Facebook profiles to download the e-book. Thus, he was able to get more than 700 leads on his website along with this much high conversion rate.

Case Study #3: Google Ad Campaign using Bestseller Title

Have you ever thought of using bestseller titles in AdWords? Maybe not yet. However, Timothy Ferris gave it a try. He actually created Google ad campaigns using 6 prospective titles. One of them was based on the famous ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’. His campaign got successful due to the best click-through rate.

Case Study #4: Importance of Optimizing Photos using Keywords

The author of the SEOmoz blog recently shared how correct labels of the images can benefit the website traffic. He suggested filling the ’alt tag’ using the best labels instead of keywords to get more leads because this is hoe Google algorithm crawls and rank images.

Google Ad Campaign using Bestseller Title

Case Study #5: A Brief Preview can make a Big Difference

Sometimes, human psychology works like stealing a grape before buying a full bunch. Oli Gardner decided to follow this and improved his newsletter by including a preview. He was able to enhance the conversions by 12%.