Case Study – How to Optimize Squeeze Page and Achieve a 64% Conversion Rate?

A Simple Logic can Boom Your Conversion Rates

When it comes to checking who engages the most among Email subscribers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, or an RSS reader, every digital marketer will tell you that email subscribers are the ones who would engage most with your content.

Similarly, when you create blog posts on your website, there’s a great chance that your audience who subscribed to your blog via email, read your post, make comments, or even correspond with you for further information.

This happens usually because people can ignore Facebook updates, tweets, and even RSS updates, but they can’t ignore an email. Somehow, they have to interact with you in any way even if they delete the mail in the end.

Optimize Squeeze Page and Achieve a 64% Conversion Rate

Case Study: I got 700+ Leads and 64% Conversion Rate through my Squeeze Page

I have got some very profitable email list that I was able to collect through various platforms. Though I prefer SEO for most of the traffic to my affiliate websites, not all of my sales directly attribute to it.

For some niches, it’s better to grab the attention of a visitor by giving them value and urging them by promoting a product to them, instead of trying to sell to them directly. So, instead of promoting any services or products to this list, I decided to give as much value as possible to those who sign up via a squeeze page.

A squeeze page is a simple web page that is designed with the sole aim of collecting email addresses of the website visitors. For my case study, I designed a tempting squeeze page of cloud: niche so that the visitors just give away their email address.

I followed a simple logic: Give away something valuable such that people decide to sign up and want you to email them. As my side project, I thought it would be a great idea to email people on a regular basis with profitable niches that I discover.

Case Study: I got 700+ Leads and 64% Conversion Rate through my Squeeze Page

Mini Mad Libs Format Testing

Since it wasn’t easy to build websites for each industry I come across, so I thought to just give away the ideas to my audience. For this purpose, I tested a Mini Mad Libs Format. It was a new style of opt-in form to increase the opt-in rates as much as 40%.

Usually, a 10% conversion rate on a squeeze page is considered to be phenomenal. So, reaching a 64% conversion rate seems just impossible. In other words, it could only be achieved if two out of three persons, who visit the page, sign up to my offering.

In the opt-in form, they used opt-in lines for collecting the information of the visitors. So instead of using conventional fields such as Name, Email, and Contact no., they used ‘My name is ___’, ‘My email address is ___’, and ‘Contact me on ___’.

When the spaces were left for the visitors to fill in the information, twice as many people filled in the form. Some other marketers also got better results following this strategy.

Mini Mad Libs Format Testing

How I implemented Mini Mad Libs to achieve 700+ Leads?

As I mentioned above, I selected a cloud niche for my squeeze page. I added a 20-page eBook in the promotion and implemented the format. It was about how I grew my blog subscribers over 10,000 in just a year. Once I shared the page with some of the members of the Cloud Living course, I received over 400 sign ups in just 24 hours.

Even many people had no idea about me, still, they were convinced to sign up because I was offering something relevant and appealing to them. I was just offering to email them with niche ideas that I discovered but couldn’t develop sites related to those niches. It was a simple honest offer, so they were urged to sign up.

Moreover, I added a Thank You page which would appear when someone would sign up. The aim of this additional page was to confirm people about their subscription and to give them the eBook as an offer. For people to receive their copy of the eBook, they had to Tweet or share the link to my website on their Facebook profile. This extra step not only increased my conversion rate to 64%, but I also got an organic lead of more than 700 visitors.

Mini Mad Libs Format Testing

How to Flood Traffic to Your Website in Creative Ways

The above case study helped me realize more creative ways to bring more traffic to my website. Every time you offer something valuable to the audience like an eBook to download, they need to tweet a link to your website.

Let’s say, a person who tweets about your website has 500 followers. It means your website link might reach at least 50 followers out of which 10 persons end up signing up to your website and further making a tweet regarding the freebies on their accounts. If each of them has 500 followers, you can say 10% would end up signing up on your website.

So, we can say the whole process is quite simple. You just need to create something free for your website visitors. If you are a musician, you can give away some MP3 files on meditation or some instrumental cover. If you run a design blog, it could be a zip file full of PSDs that they can use in their design projects. Or you can just give away an eBook that gives them an insight on organic SEO.

Flood Traffic to Your Website in Creative Ways

You can then create a button on the cloud: flood which would consist of one link to download the freebies and the other link would consist of the URL that you want them to promote.

If you already have a large audience, this would result in an exponential increase in your traffic. And when the freebie being offered to the visitors is valuable, people would wait for you to get some more. I wouldn’t recommend giving away everything to the visitors, but you can try this for a few things that you can offer.a